Wrought Iron Fencing

Our Wrought Iron fencing will also compliment your existing landscape and or swimming pool.

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Over the last 50 years we have worked alongside with our clients resulting in complete control of the design. Each piece is meticulously crafted to the landscape and design. Karel’s fencing can be constructed to any style, curve, slope or terrain you can possibly imagine. We have a very elaborate design process were you can actually work directly with our professional design team. We use state of the art technology to demonstrate the end result before we begin production. We produce thousands of feet of fence per year, which is shipped all across North America. Not only can we design and produce fencing, but we also offer complete installation by our team of professionals. Over the last 50 years, we are true experts in fence installation.

We are

Your Iron Experts

In addition to standard practice of holes 4’ deep filled with cement, we have also developed a proprietary subsoil base on every single post and weld everything together. Welding creates a strong bond between the whole structure, far superior than any mechanical fitting. All of which creates a stronger more durable fence that will never shift of heave from frost. We only use the highest quality materials, and all pickets are solid steel. We are firm believers that the weight of the product determines the quality. Our average section of fencing weighs between 100lbs to 200lbs. All of our fences comply with building codes, and typically constructed of steel or stainless steel. We are experts in creating truly one of the kind high quality wrought iron fencing.

Fencing your property increases its value and provides protection through increased security and seclusion. Regardless of intricacy of the design, we can finish in any colour or shade. Our Wrought Iron fencing will also compliment your existing landscape and or swimming pool.

We can also install pressure sensitive fibre optic cabling around the fence perimeter for increased safety and security.

Wrought Iron Fencing


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I am so happy with the wonderful job Karel’s has done in my yard They were very reliable, dependable and done an amazing job from start to finish this was an exceptional experience and I will recommend them to all my family and friends!

Candice M

Karel’s just completed an automatic driveway estate gate on my property; my wife and I could have not be any happier with the end result. The gates are completely amazing, exceeded my expectations. They really helped me visualize what the completed project would look like before they even started building. One of the best things about the crew was that they were all very polite and helpful.

By Tylerd11

Their designers have a artistic flare and they want to work with you in all stages of the project. The project was completed on time, and we continuously receive positive feedback from my friends and neighbors. I am proud to recommend Karel’s Wrought Iron to anyone.

Evan B


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