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Well it has been almost three months since I have posted last, whew that is a long time!

Well a lot of change has been taking place in my life, but then again what else is new. For the past I don't even know how long I have been going through a transition phase, but just yesterday that whatever was changing has finally changed. Not really sure what it is, I just have that feeling that things just aren't the same anymore.

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Funny how change just kind of sneaks up on you like that, huh? I mean I knew it was coming and I didn't really know what it was, but then it just happened. Life is just so different for me now I don't even recognize my own life, which can be a little unsettling but it is just the way life works.

Speaking of life I have been having a real difficult time coping with the reality that one day the things I have worked so hard for on this earth may not even matter. I have been praying about it, but God seems pretty persistent in reminding me everyday that this life is only temporary. He does this everyday, why I can only speculate right now, and I think it is to get me moving in some areas of my life that I just have been dragging my feet on. God has some things planned, and I am scared to move forward with them.

Not only that but I also wonder what it is all for, and how it will matter in the long run. So I am excited about Sunday because our church is doing a series called "6 Questions for God" and this week the question that is going to be answered is "What happens when I die"!!! Which is one of my top questions. Now I know heaven is a real place, and I have personally had a near death experience, but it was just that, I did not experience what happens after death, just the in between life and the afterlife, and it was very brief but enough to make me look forward to meeting my father in Heaven!

Anyways I am excited about Sunday's church sermon. The series has been incredible so far, so I have high expectations for this weeks message. God seems to really speak to my heart through this series, and I have grown a lot.

Other than that everything else is going great. Just still trying to get a complete grasp on the things the Lord wants me to do. But I am continually praying and meditating on that as well.

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