Why Flashmobs would make a great advertisement?

Flashmobs are the "thing" of the trend these days! Here are 3 reasons why Flashmobs are great for promoting or advertising!

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1. Gets Attention

Just imagine. You're sitting outside a coffee shop, on a lovely day. And all of the sudden,you hear a loud music with people dancing to it. You're hit with an unexpected performance! The group has your attention.. You're entertained and you're curious! Other people are watching with the same curiosity. What a great way to grab people's attention!

2. Social Proof

Psychologists have found out that we're morel likely to take action and become influenced by something that has social proof. Next time you're outside, I want you to try an experiment. I want you to walk into a crowded area and Stop. Look up and start pointing to a random direction with a smile. Watch as how many people would stop to do the same. Soon or later, you'll realize you have a good handful amount of people who are looking into the direction that you're pointing and won't even know what they're seeing! When a group of people perform unexpectedly, you'll become attracted to what they're doing. It's entertaining, positive and sometimes, inspiring.

3. Memorable

Chances are, you won't forget this performance for awhile Now think back to a bill board you saw. Do you remember the message? The color? The words? The company behind the ad? Chances are, you don't remember much. Flashmobs are GREAT when it comes to being memorable and fun!

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