Back in early 2006, it was easy to make a lot of money with AdSense. All you had to do was to create a site, throw any old content on it, and of course, scatter AdSense ads all over your page. Later that year, Google implemented changes to it's algorithm which affected both AdWords and AdSense advertisers. The changes, which we're put in place to enforce a level of quality on the content in Google, caused some chaos in the Internet marketing industry where many people we're losing a huge stream of income. Hence, the cries that AdSense was dead.

It is a common misconception that one can simply put up a website nowadays and earn any significant income with AdSense. It is still quite possible to make a lot of money with AdSense, but first, here are a couple criteria that an AdSense site has to meet before it can become profitable:

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* There must be high quality and unique content on your site. Not only does Google frown upon rehashed content, your human visitors will end up leaving your site in a hurry and will therefore not have the time to click on your AdSense ads.

* There must be high quality and targeted traffic to your site. To get targeted traffic to your site, you must properly optimize your site for your desired keywords and you must also use only legitimate traffic sources. Doing SEO and running relevant PPC ads are two of the best ways of getting a high quantity of high quality traffic. Do not expect to make money by purchasing so-called "guaranteed visitors" from traffic brokers.

A factor which may affect your site's earnings with AdSense is it's keywords. To understand this point, you must first understand that AdSense ads are the same as AdWords ads except they are visible in the content network instead of the search network. There is no set amount that a clicked ad for a certain keyword pays out. This depends on how much the advertiser is paying per click and also on the quality and ranking of your site. Essentially, the higher the advertiser is paying per click for a certain keyword, the higher the payout is to you if someone clicks on their ad through your site.

AdSense is most certainly not dead. Those who claim this are those who have not made the necessary adjustments to the changes that Google made back in 2006. To summarize, there are three things that you should have in order to make money with AdSense: high quality content, targeted traffic, and the right keywords.

If you have good content, your visitors will appreciate it and possibly return often. The search engines can also tell when you have good content and will reward you for having it by boosting your site's rankings. Make sure you choose the right keywords such that you'll be targeting a niche which is searched for, but also targeting keywords which you can realistically get a lot of traffic from instead of butting heads with the best for competitive keywords.

As long as you follow these guidelines, you'll find that AdSense is still very much alive and can be very profitable for you.

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