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If you're serious about blogging, you should have already realised that the most important aspect is the number of readers you have. But, the thing is, readers will not come looking for your blog - you will have to "sell" it to them. This article will tell you how

The easiest way to publicize your blog is through paid-advertising via services such as Google AdWords. But, paid-advertising has two disadvantages:

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  1. You have to pay for it (pretty obvious), and
  2. It's usually not as effective as it seems or is said to be.

When you think, an advert can cost something like $0.05 per click - that's $50 for 1,000 clicks. If that seems like a decent deal to you, then go for it!

But in my opinion, it is not! You can get nearly 10 times that from just StumbleUpon for free! (in a month) And that, in addition with all the traffic from other referrers (and of course direct traffic), is quite a lot


In my opinion, StumbleUpon is the best referrer ever! If you're not using the service already, you should be. StumbleUpon has a section for advertisers where you pay $0.05 per visitor they send to your site. But never mind that! You can do the same thing for free

After signing up to StumbleUpon, and downloading the toolbar, just click "I like it!" on the toolbar to stumble a few of your best articles. Instantly, more targeted users are sent to your article - if enough users click "I like it!", the page becomes viral and thousands of visitors come flooding.

It's important that you submit your best articles because if you submit the "not-so-good" ones, and they are rated badly, your entire blog will be tarnished. This means when another article is submitted, it will have less chance of going viral.

Another important aspect, also on the point of reputation, is your "rating" within the StumbleUpon community. Ideally, you should use StumbleUpon for personal use, comment on a few pages, and become "fans" of a few people. Within no time, you will be getting fans, and become more influential when adding your articles.


I also find Digg a useful service, but it is hard to get as much traffic as StumbleUpon. To get a decent amount of traffic from this service, you need to get a few hundred diggs - which is quite hard to do. I do find that many visitors from Digg will also stumble your site as well, so there is an indirect benefit: one "digg-er" could potentially cause hundreds of stumblers to come to your page.

Again, being active within the community may help the exposure of you and your digged pages.


Now, DZone is one of my favourites. I would have placed it second, but unfortunately it only targets a very specific niche: developers. If you're blog isn't targeted towards developers, then submitting to this service will not work for you.

If you do have a software-developer targeted blog, then you are quite lucky - this service will bring you some serious traffic for high-quality content. Again, being community-active is always a bonus.


Like Digg, Reddit gives users a list of what's popular on the internet. Reddit will bring a reasonable amount of traffic to your blog, and currently ranks as #7 in my list of referrers. It is much easier to get on Reddit than Digg, especially if your blog doesn't get lots of traffic at the moment.

Whereas Digg mainly works on numbers of up-voters, Reddit uses down-voters as well to create a points system. This does have an advantage though - look at this scenario:

  • Blog A and Blog B has the same-quality article.
  • Blog B gets 500% more traffic than blog A.
  • Blog B gets 500 diggs; Blog A gets 100.
  • Because there would be more diggs on blog B, blog A's article would be rank less than blog B, despite it being the same article.
  • With Reddit, on blog B there would be 500 up-votes, and 200 down-votes - ratio is 5:2; blog A would have 100 up-votes and 40 down-votes - ratio is 5:2.

To be honest, I've never really liked, and never use it. But, it does bring some quality traffic to my blog - so they must be doing something right!

The more people that save an article, the more popular it becomes and the more users it becomes exposed to. What is great about this service is that is doesn't require any participation from me - all I have done is placed a link "Save to" at the bottom of articles, and it seems to fuel itself.

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