All about the "Session" ale...

Suddenly the "Session" ale has become a big deal to commercial brewers. I guess at some point the feedback from the customer was, "we want the hops but not the body or full flavor of the style you're shooting for, and please let me have a lot of them." In most cases we're talkin' IPAs.

And by the way, if they keep getting called Session ales, why hasn't Full Sail jumped in and said "call it something else or we'll Tony Magee you."

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I can't remember more than a few times that I thought "this IPA is too big, it needs to be lighter and less hoppy so I can drink like a dozen of them." That would be two sixers of the current lineups that are surfacing in droves: Slow Ride, Day Time, Go To, Pinner, Lunch Break, Easy Jack, and even 10 Barrel's questionable move and name Easy Black IPA. The Stone and Firestone Walker offerings are quite tasty because of the blend of hops, but still they suffer from what just about all the beers of the style suffer- the body is just too lacking and dry for my tastes. The glory of a hoppy IPA is that, if it's done right, the body creates a nice off-dry to sweet balance to the madness of the hops and the beer turns out to be a complete package of malt, hops, water, and yeast. This isn't the entry where I go down on the merits of the Reinheitsgebot in the back seat of your mom's minivan(though I would gladly take a blog entry do so), but it leads to my point about these beers.

The American IPA features the tastiest combination of hops on top of a body that compliments the cones' character.

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