Critical competencies for community management

The Community Roundtable introduced it's third annual "State of Community Management," detailing the different resources, initiatives and practices involved in community management. Many of these are based on the Community Maturity Model that outlines the eight competencies strategy, leadership, culture, community management, content and programming, policies and governance, tools, and metrics and measurement that are .required for successful communities. The model also reflects how community management is applied through the evolution from a hierarchical organization to a social business. According to the Community Roundtable, the model can be used as a strategic framework, roadmap for organizational planning and tool for organizational gap analysis.

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The report outlines characteristics of each stage of community management, and details how companies can move from one stage to another.

A key finding:

As online communities become more mainstream, they are colliding with corporate cultures that reward perfection, completeness, planning, and contol. The cultural hurdles that this creates will greatly limit the success of communities and social business at many organizations. Communities become sustainable only when members feel they not the organizations that sponsor them have a say in the future of the communities. This is perhaps the biggest challenge that organizations face as they try to adopt a more holoistic social approach.

What does this mean?

In the Social Economy, companies are interacting with customers and consumers not as broadcasters and audience, but as equal participants in a community. Such communities not only useful tools for collaboration and feedback, but also a useful vehicle for word-of-mouth and validation. Companies are going to have to incorporate community planning, development and management into their long-range branding and even product development activities.

How can you use this?

Although the report occasionally descends into corporate buzzology, it's focus on the Community Management Model provides a useful framework for establishing resources, responsibilities and accountabilities for communities. For example, to move away from the basic hierarchical pattern of community, the report suggests monitoring social channels, events to build awareness of social tools, evangelization using video and other tools, and making the process peer-driven. A specific to-do list includes finding an internal "owner," identifying senior and other champions, establishing an operational framework, and conducting a social business audit. Reading and other resources are identified.

Companies looking to become a Social Business are moving away from event-driven customer experiences (eg, sales calls, conferences, etc.) to building communities that facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration among stakeholders with common interests or experiences. This report, based on the experiences of many community managers, provides a valuable long-range guide for developing a vital community strategy.


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