3 Places to Travel This Summer

#1 Rio De Janeiro Brazil is currently hosting the 2014 World Cup and is on tap for the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics so millions have been spent to update their country closer to modern standards. While there is still a lot of progress to be made, there is a reason that almost 3 million people visit Rio annually. Rio can boast world-class hotels just miles from both the beach and the mountains. From the sports, the sun, the beach and the amenities, Rio is a must for your 2014 summer travel.

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#2 Bora Bora - This island located in the French Polynesia is about 15 square miles in total area, but those miles are loaded with luxury resorts and locals welcoming tourists. This island is surrounded by a barrier reef and the actual island is the remnant of an extinct volcano. If bungalows out over the water, lush green hills and perfect beaches are what you look for in a vacation (and why wouldn't they be) then look no further than Bora Bora.

#3 Lake Tahoe - This freshwater alpine lake situated between California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada mountains is the largest alpine lake in North America, as well as the second deepest of all lakes. While Lake Tahoe has year round tourism with world class ski resorts surrounding it, summer is when it really shines. Its world renowned deep blue water, hidden beaches and luxury resorts make this a summertime must.

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