No one is perfect, and if someone's brand shows them as being...

No one is perfect, and if someone's brand shows them as being infallible, it would be cause for concern. But if you say, "I'm not good at [X], but here's what I'm doing to improve" this raises connections with brand consumers and allows them to learn with you. But if you simply say, "I write about advertising, but I have no experience in the field and when I do try to make ads, they don't work well and are rejected by clients" without anything else, you're setting yourself up as a fraud.

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It's like going in to a class for your M.D. and being told by the professor, "I'm actually a fry cook at Steak 'n Shake, and I have no idea why I would be teaching you how to perform an appendectomy or a quadruple bypass." If you disqualify your own expertise, there's no reason to claim to be an expert, guru, authority or commenter on the subject.

And with regards to Gary Vaynerchuk, as much as he may mention what a terrible writer he is, he shows evidence to the contrary by delivering strong content to his audience. If he actually WAS a bad writer, it's unlikely that he would draw in as many people to read his content.

So I agree with you that it's a good idea to show a few chinks in the armor, but you'd better be able to show people that they're actually being smoothed out, or are nothing more than light dings.

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