Precious Metal and Several Things to Consider About Their Value

Lloyds Asset Management has opened a new office in Tampa to better serve precious metals investors from around the world. The new location promises to be a resource for investors of all types who seek to invest in hard assets.

September 1, 2009 With several offices opening in Florida and Maryland, Lloyd's Asset Management is pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Tampa at 6601 Memorial Highway, Suite 102. James Burbage, III, President of Lloyd's Asset Management, advises, "Investors who consider the safe haven of precious metals are protecting themselves and the security of their financial future against high unemployment and uncertain economic conditions around the world."

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The spacious Tampa office is located in the Civic Memorial Building. This brand new Class A building is located in the Memorial Highway business district in close proximity to the Tampa International Airport. With 3500 square feet of space, encompassing half of the entire first floor, this new location promises to be a resource for investors of all types who want to become thoroughly acquainted investment options in precious metals.

If you've been mulling around some investment ideas, there's no time like the present to meet with the professionals at Lloyds Asset Management in Tampa, Florida. "Gold and silver prices are still in play with all of the classic variables that traditionally help drive precious metals," says Mr. Burbage. Burbage's silver forecast at the end of the first quarter in 2009 broke the mark less than three months later.

The price of gold is one that fluctuates with some regularity at times but there is no question that gold retains a high value in the precious metals arena. Platinum and silver compliment the smart investment options that are present in the market today in spite of the recession-like behaviors of many other investment portfolio contents. Making the right investment choice is not only crucial to the success of your investor relations but it can lend to a well-deserved prosperity ranking that promises continued growth in the coming future.

Entrepreneurial business owner/manager Jim Pappas, joins Lloyd's Asset Management as head of the Tampa office. Pappas has been involved in the financial sector since 1987. A licensed stock broker who started on Wall Street, Pappas brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the Tampa office. In 2000, Pappas took one small office and expanded it to 35 offices in 17 states less than 6 years in 2006. Since then, Pappas has focused on several small ventures including this new location for Lloyd's Asset Management. "I'm really looking forward to great things with this location. The market is ripe with potential and I'm excited to present the Tampa area with some great possibilities."

When not helping investors at all levels to make wise choices with precious metals, Pappas enjoys fishing, golf and spending time with his wife April. He is most proud of and considers some of his greatest accomplishments to be his children Jake 16, Hannah 7 and Tommy 3.

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