Yosemite National Parks

In California there is Yosemite National Parks, one of the most popular parks of it's type in the country. Situated in the mideastern portion of California, this park covers more than 760,000 acres (over 1100 square miles) of land and reaches through three counties to the western Sierra Nevada mountains. Despite the large area the majority of visitors stay within Yosemite Valley which is only seven square miles in size. If you've never been to this park before, you can expect to enjoy a splendid view and plenty of outdoor activities.

The scenery here includes cliffs of granite, groves of Giant Sequoia trees, majestic waterfalls and gentle streams. The land is home to many animals and plants and can be divided into five main vegetation zones which are alpine, subalpine, lower montane, upper montane and chaparral oak woodland. With such diverse climate areas it's no wonder so many different life forms thrive in this park. While there are thousands of plant species in California, Yosemite is home to over 160 rare ones. When it comes to animals, there are hundreds of different species which include but are not limited to the mule deer, black bear, spotted owl, gray wolf and many different types of bats.

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The park is open all year round, with no reservations required for entry. Like all National Parks there is an entry fee, although an annual pass can be purchased if you are a frequent visitor. In the spring, summer and fall months activities like hiking, biking, rock climbing and camping are popular. In the winter the Badger Pass area of the park offers skiing. The downhill skiing at this popular location is open from the middle of December to the first part of April. Badger Pass happens to be the oldest designated area for downhill skiing in the entire state.

If you want a California adventure that gets you back to basics a trip to Yosemite National Parks is a fantastic idea. Whether you're looking for a solitary retreat, a romantic getaway or a family vacation this park has something to offer. It is one of the National Parks that can be enjoyed all year round because of the favorable climate throughout the year. Whether you like skiing in the winter or hiking in the spring you cannot miss a visit to this historic national park.

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